11th  World  Karate  Championship  for clubs





Trieste, 22-23 November 2014

Palazzetto dello Sport di Chiarbola – Via Visinada 5


Our great kermesse of karate is arriving this year in the famous and welcoming  city of Trieste.  The central European city for excellence, where we can breathe the binding of many cultures, you will be fascinated by the its historical coffees, the art, the Architecture and the unforgettable sea….

A karate  weekend with everyone and for everyone, not excluding any Federal group. Everyone is welcome, and again we are attending in a large numbers…



All Clubs and sport Associations can participate with an unlimited number of athletes. Athletes can be registered to any national or international Federation and Association coming from all Countries and training any karate style.

The tournament is open to all and sundry.



Saturday 22 November








Individual Kata Competition  Cadets A-B, Juniores, Seniores, Master and Veterans

Team Kata  (every categories)

Individual Kata Competition  Children A, children B, children C, children D

Individual   Kumite competition  “Nihon” (every categories)

Ceremony Club awards (kata rank)


Sunday 23 November






Individual Kumite “Shobu Sanbon” Male and

“Shobu Ippon” Female

Individual Kumite “ “Shobu Sanbon” Female and “Shobu Ippon” Male

Team  Kumite  (cadets and  senior)

Ceremony Club ( kumite rank)


Categories and ages:

Children  A (till  7 years) Kata-Kumite Nihon

Cadets B (16-17 years) Kata-Kumite Sanbon

Children B  (8-9  years) Kata-Kumite Nihon

Junior (18-20 years) Kata-Kumite Sanbon/Ippon

Children  C  (10-11 years) Kata-Kumite Nihon

Senior (21-35 years) Kata-Kumite Sanbon/Ippon

Children D  (12-13 years) Kata-Kumite Nihon

Master (36-45 years) Kata-Kumite Sanbon/Ippon

Cadets A (14-15  years) Kata-Kumite Sanbon

Veterans (+46 years) Kata-Kumite Sanbon/Ippon

The athletes will be ranked  for ages depending on the day/month and year of birth


Seen the large participation, in order to maintain the correct time, the competition will be on 8 tatami.



Competition will take place with the division of participants according to their style, that are the following: SHOTOKAN (including Shotokai, Fudokan, etc.) SHITO RYU (which also includes Sankukai, different area school, etc.); GOJU RYU (which includes area and derivated school) WADO RYU (which also includes SHORIN RYU different area school).


All participants, besides the style and above-mentioned classes of age, will be also divided into male and female categories and will compete into the following grade categories:


White &Yellow Belts

Orange & Green Belts

Blue & Brown Belts

Black Belts


The KATA choice is free, but in each match the athletes must perform a different KATA (participants up to orange belt are the only ones allowed to repeat the same KATA in more than one match). In the eventuality of a play-off the athletes must perform a different kata from the previous ones. Judges will give their evaluation using a score system.



All participants must be equipped with their own regulation safeties (according to the competition rules that they have chosen).

Competition will take place with two different referees’ rules: SPORTS (Shobu Sanbon, and for youth classes as scheduled, Shobu Nihon) and TRADITIONAL (Shobu Ippon).

Actually they are two different competitions and athletes can freely choose one or the other one; or both. The choice of rules must be specified in your registration form.


The duration of the competition of the  Shobu Nihon is one minute and half, whereas that one of  Shobu Sanbon and  Ippon is two minutes.


All participants will compete divided into the below classes of age, without grade subdivision (the minimum grade for participating in sports kumite competition (shobu sanbon) is the green belt while in traditional kumite competition (Shobu Ippon) is the brown belt with the following weight categories:


Shobu Sanbon

Cadets A Male        -52 -57 -63 -70 +70 Kg.

Cadets A Female           -45 -50 -55 +55 Kg.

Cadets B Male        -60 -65 -70 -75 +75 Kg.

Cadets B Female           -50 -55 -60 +60 Kg.

Junior Male            -65 -70 -75 -80 +80 Kg.

Junior Female               - 55 -60 -65 +65 Kg.

Senior Male            -65 -70 -75 -80 +80 Kg.

Senior Female                -55 -60 -65 +65 Kg.

Master and Veterans  Male                Open

Master and Veterans Female              Open

Shobu Ippon (minimun belt must be brown belt)

All the ages, without weight categories  (Open)

Shobu Nihon

Children A Male                   -30 -35 -40 +40 Kg.

Children A Female                      -30 -35 +35 Kg.

Children B Maschile            -35 -40 -45 +45 Kg.

Children B Femmine                   -35 -40 +40 Kg.

Children C Maschile             -40 -45 -50 +50 Kg.

Children C Femmine                   -37 -42 +42 Kg.

Children D Maschile             -45 -50 -55 +55 Kg.

Children DFemmine                    -42 -47 +47 Kg.


Athletes participating in the Sbobu Nihon competition in the categories children a/b/c  will be divided in 2 group: a) till green belt; b)blue brown and black belts. The Children D, always in 2 groups a) till blue belt; b)brown-black belt.

All participants in Shobu Nihon must be equipped with their own regulation safeties, included helmets and  body  protector.


Kumite weigh-in: athletes participating in the kumite competition must be at the Sport Center for the weigh-in before competition starts; the weigh-in will be made by sample (allowance on the weight is 500 grams and athletes who will be overweight (out of weight category) will be excluded from the competition).


Coach: only one coach for each club can enter in  the competition area. He has to wear the federal uniform and gym shoes (in the absence of those requirements the coach will have to leave the area)




The team Kata competition is all stile. The  team will be composed by 3 athletes and  1 reserve, which can be used to replace an injured athlete.


The team Kata will compete divided between male and female, in the following categories:


a)      Absolutes (athletes from 18  to 51 years, all belts)

b)      Cadets  (athletes from14 to 17 years, all belts)

c)      Youth (athletes from 10 to 13 years, all belts)

d)     Children (composed of athletes till  9 years, every levels, also mixed female/male)


TEAM KUMITE A  (Sanbon and  Ippon)

The team (without weight categories) will be composed by 3 athletes and one reserve, which can be used to replace an injured athlete, or upon  request of the coach. However, the replacement can be done only in the following round.

At the beginning only 3 team athletes, without  the reserve, will line up in the area of competition.

A team with only 2 athletes at the beginning will not be allowed to compete and will be declared loser (kiken).

If during the shift, one of the members of the team members is injured and the doctor notice him/her  unfit to continue the match  the team can continue the match with only two athletes.

The team  Kumite competition female and male, it is only for Shobu Sanbon and Shobu Ippon, in the following categories:

a)     SENIOR  (composed by athletes from 18 to  51 years)

b)     CADETS   (composed by athletes from 14 to 17 years)



1) All competitors, under the President’s responsibility of their club/association, must have regular sanitary certifications according to the laws in force in their own Country and they must be covered by their own insurance. On request the athletes must show a valid identity document and the federal membership card (certifying the grade owned).

2) If during the competitions some categories will have a poor number of athletes registered (less than four) the Organizing Committee will unquestionably arrange the passage of these athletes to the closer category.

3) Seen the nature of this event no claim will be accepted. Possible pertaining appeals must be immediately made in writing to the Chief Referees, paying the fee of Euro 50,00 (that will be returned if the appeal will be upheld).

4) The organizing committee declines all responsibilities for any accident in which people or things may incur before, during and after the event.

5) When the Sports Clubs register their athletes, they take upon themselves the responsibility that their own athletes are in conformity to the health certificates and everything provided in the present regulations.

6) For what that is not provided in this program remain valid the rules you can see on the website www.federkarate.it or www.internationalkarateunion.org




The first three classified athletes of each category and each competition will be awarded by medal and certificate. All participants will receive a gadget of attendance, as well as the first four clubs in kata (with different final results for every style) and the first four clubs in kumite (with different final results for every rules). At the end of all competitions there will be also a further awards ceremony of the first absolute  three clubs (which will sum up both kata and kumite scores).

A GREAT reportage of the competition on our magazine  Samurai.



Registrations must arrive not later than 15th November 2014 on our site www.federkarate.net or by mail fik@federkarate.it.

Registration fee is 25,00 per athlete and per speciality and  € 50,oo for each team.

It’s clear that if competitors will be registered and they will be absent, registration fees will not be given back.

All the registration fees will be paid  directly on the spot (ONLY BY CASH)  at your arrival before competitions start.



Really because this event would be  an unifying moment, independent from the Federal name of belonging. The participants Club/organizations could participate also with their referees. Who would like to come  should have to send their availability (indicating the level and the mail address) within and not later then the 31 October 2014. After this date the organization will go on with the convocations, till the required numbers.

Before the beginning of the competition there will be the arbitration meeting.




About the accommodations we have an agreement with different Hotels, starting from   Euro 35,00 per person


Everyone who are interested in the accommodation (indicating the necessity) could ask on request a quotation at the best conditions.



For any  further information, request of an estimate and booking contact only:



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