Ref 44/45 ° Wjjf / Wjjko 1976 Congress. Lake Iseo (Brescia).


Dear Friends / Shihan / Shidoin / Sensei

It seems, although it is not sure, that some progress is being made in

respect of the “Corona Virus” which has

kept our dojos / clubs / gyms blocked for more than a year.

Everyone has suffered both from the moral side - various martial

colleagues who have left us, - and from the economic, technical and social side.

With the effort of us all, we have "held the ground", as it is said, to at least maintain the foundations reached. And we know it wasn't easy! Between so much sadness, the positive decision of the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) emerged, with it the confirmation that the federal logo is ours!

"Back to square one!"

The effort made by Shihan Smaraglai Tamas, assisted by Ms Nora Maracskň, who found themselves immersed in Covid right at the time of the Congress that was scheduled in Budapest (3/6 April 2020), must be applauded.

This is why we underline that this initiative for 2021 is "44/45", in relation to the usual one year (more or less) like the Tokyo Olympic Games (2020).

 This was yesterday!

Tomorrow: September (24-26) we have to be happy we could meet all together, in a Convention / Congress that can be the "new way" of our historic "Wjjf / Wjjko 1976" the Japanese say: "shin den shin" - from heart to heart -What do we want to do?

Under the patronage of EurEthICS ETSIA - Official Partner of the European Commission - which since 2019 has certified our federation and the GBS Academy (Gendai Budo Sport), the choice of the date 24-26 September comes under the "European Week of Sport #BEACTIVE  (23-30 September 2021).

We have thought of a "preliminary" programme, attached, with the costs. Before proceeding to the various "final" reservations, we kindly ask you for your opinion; your informal agreement to better assess our message.

We would really appreciate your objective evaluation: Take care!

The promoting committee,

GSB - Lia and Luciano Rocca - Giancarlo Koliotassis




Programma italiano

English Program

Programme de Francaise





43rd Wjjf-Wjjko® international congress on


a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea




On the 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th April 2019, on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea on a splendid MSC "Sinfonia", took place the 43rd Wjjf-Wjjko® international congress. The cruise departing from Genoa, provided for stops in far places: Marseille and Barcelona, ​​about 348 nautical miles away from the port of departure.

Saturday, April 27, 2019, after a lot of checks, boarding in the port of Genoa was completed with the first "briefing" by the MSC board staff and the Wjjf-Wjjko® one, beautifully coordinated by the trio Shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti, Natascia Bertoletti and myself, Shihan Lorenzo Milan; to the Wjjf-Wjjko® staff, the charming manager of the agency Anna Di Maria and the famous and always present conductor / presenter Paky Arcella were added in support. After taking possession of the numerous cabins, destined for the Wjjf-Wjjko® world teams, passengers were also familiar with the immense structure and prepared for the first official dinner of the 43rd Wjjf-Wjjko® congress.

Present with their teams and delegates 10 nations of the 54 world federation members: Italy with Shihan Roberto de Ronzi, Giancarlo Koliotassis, Gianfranco Camerini, Lorenzo Milano and representing Icmaf-Iwsf SiJo Gilberto Pauciullo; Ireland with Kaicho David Toney, Shihan Peter James Cooke and Shihan Jayne Cooke appointed to the Wjjf-Wjjko® women's department; England with Shihan Andrew Travis; Russia with Shihan Alexander Bryzguin; Hungary with Shihan Tamás Smaraglai and Sir George Popper, Prime Minister Knights of Malta State; Romania with Shihan Petrica Tanase; Australia with Shihan Thomas John Bellamy; Holland with Shihan Dirk Klok; Finland with Shihan Pekka Torri and Arto Bunda and Norway. There we see in detail the protagonists of the Italia Wjjf-Wjjko® team.



Sunday 28 April 2019 the day opened at 7:30 am, towards the pleasant Marseille harbour, with an energetic muscular awakening on the sea with the "Pi Kuan Shu" held by Shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti.

The coordination of the "free activities" was by Kaicho / Chairman David Toney. At 8:00 am Shihan Roberto De Ronzi conducted a psychomotor training program, complete teaching for Ju-Jitsu practitioners, with technical exercises on the fundamentals.



So after an invigorating and revitalizing breakfast, the many excursions to the French coast in Marseille began,  a city well-known for Marseilles soap, which can be bought in small shops near the ancient port.

In the early afternoon at 15: 30-18: 30 the Ju-Jitsu seminar was held with some foreign masters. For the Italians, the eccentric Shihan Giancarlo Koliotassis joined Shihan Dirk Klok in the knife defences; in parallel Shike Gsb gave basic lessons in Koden / Ken-Jutsu.

In the late afternoon at 18: 00-19: 30 the first official meeting for the Shihans of the world took part, with the presentation of the candidacies and proposals of the new world management team Wjjf-Wjjko®. At 8.30 pm the crazy "Pirates of the Mediterranean" dinner began, where all or almost all the participants were dressed in costume, in a fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.



On the Catalan coasts, moored in the splendid port of Barcelona, ​​Monday 29 April 2019 again at 7:30 am the day started with the usual muscle awakening "Pi Kuan Shu" with Shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti; followed by other training sessions held by Shihan Gilberto Pauciullo, ICMAF / IWSF European president and Shihan Gianfranco Camerini Wjj Italia with the personal defence method Hashita; around 9:30 am the disembarkation began for the short but intense excursion to "la Rambla", Barcelona's avenue about a kilometer and four hundred meters long that connects Plaça de Catalunya with the ancient port.




In the early afternoon at 15: 30-18: 30 the Ju-Jitsu seminar was held with myself, Shihan Lorenzo Milano with defences from grapples and punches with blockages and joint levers standing. In the late afternoon at 18: 00-19: 00 everyone took part in the 43rd Wjjf-Wjjko® congress, cruise passengers - Chairman - Kaicho - Shihan - Sensei - Senpai from their respective countries, with presentations of the new world organization chart, awarding diplomas rank - Dan Menjio and Award of militancy with plaques / medals (5,10,20,30,40 years) in the world federation Wjjf-Wjjko®; in parallel Shike Gsb continued the lessons of Koden / Ken-Jutsu. At 8.30 pm the official Gala dinner began in a dark suit with a federal tie and / or ceremony tie, the party for the forty-three years of the Wjjf-Wjjko® federation, which continued in the discos on board. Thanks to all the Wjjf-Wjjko® staff Tatiana Bertoletti, Daniele Scala photographer and cameraman always present, Giuliano Garbuio and Katia Bertoletti simultaneous omnipresent translator.

Shihan Lorenzo Milan Wjjf-Wjjko / WJJ Italy






Rome Wordly Congress Wjjf/Wjjko

June 11-12 2016

40 years of history 1976-2016

“ICHI GO, ICHI E” every meeting is unique!!!

Rome from   10 to  12  June 2016
I lent the kangi  Shihan Keiko Wakabayashi, gave as a present to our great guest: Roland Maroteaux (France), George Popper (Hungary),  Pham Xuan Tong (Vietnam-France), Auvo Niiniketo (Finland), Istvan Kelemen Hungary, Rigan Machado (Brasil), Paul Hoglund (Sweden) during the  40° Congress of the  Wjjf/Wjjko 1976 and the Open of Italy at the Olympic centre - “PalaPellicone” Ostia Rome
If we use this phrase  “Rem tene, verba sequentur” by  Marco Porcio Catone (234 b.C. about  – 149 b.C.), after the words we need the facts, we can have an idea about was the  ju jitsu, with the support of the Fijlkam, headed by Dott. Domenico Falcone, by the  president of the t.c. jujitsu Master Giancarlo Bagnulo.
the success cannot stop our estimations about the path of the national and international
ju jitsu could do to become more incisive.

Let’s talk about numbers: on the  11 tatami more than  600 participants of the two organizations Fijlkam and Wjjf/Wjjko; 600 people. And, only adults not children. More than 350 athletes in the respective competitions; 50 master of the  28 Nations participating, beside Italy: Australia, Bulgaria, Brasil, Cuba, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Uk , Greece Guatemala, Ireland, Israel, Kuwait, Netherland, Poland, Republic Czek, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerand, Turkey, Hungary, Usa
Sponsor of this initiative which has touched our heart  for the social aim  Sammy Basso (HGPS) who suffers of the sindrome  Hutchinson-Gilford or “progeria” , the Doct. Marina Di Bussolo Pellicone, president of the  “Foundation Matteo Pellicone”
What to add? The spirit od the budo has to be to stay all together. We are growing but without words, hego ect.

We grow using the persona experience for all, as Rome proved.

Gsb, president, founder with  Soke Robert Clark (1946 – 2012) of the  Wjjf before ; Wjjko later and now Wjjf/Wjjko 1976” since  1 January  2017,  honorary president, has put together

-       3 chairman: Amir Barnea (Israel), Stefano Draghi (Italy), David Toney (Ireland)
- 5 vice chairman: Bruce Bethers (Usa) Nord America; Josef Oberhollenzer (Germany) Europe; Peter Pace (Australia) Australasia; Hesham Saleh Aljaser (Kuwait) Asian and Arab Country; Kozo Kuniba (Giappone) Far East.
the technical commission will follow.

-       we would like to plaudit for the job done Shihan Cesare Livio Proia, for the competition who will be one of our permanent member about the competition.

Thanks to  the organization  team Bertoletti headed by  Natascia president Wjjf/Italy and general secretary - Tatiana, Katia – and by the  Vice president Wjjf/Italy Stefano Draghi: Giorgia Milano, Marisa Riccio, Andrea Bove, Mirko Di Cristofaro, Daniele Scala, Giuliano Garbuio, Augusto Falconi

To conclude least but not   last: a special thanks to  Shihan Giancarlo Koliotassis (Ko ryu Kaizen) for his sensibility of a touch  “tocco di nettare di Bacco”.
And to our always sponsor the Oriente Sport of Enos Casarini & C.



“ICHI GO, ICHI E” Ogni incontro č unico!
Roma dal 10 al 12 giugno 2016
Ho preso in prestito i kangi che la Shihan Keiko Wakabayashi, ha voluto omaggiare ai nostri ospiti di alto rango: Roland Maroteaux (Francia), George Popper (Ungheria), Pham Xuan Tong (Vietnam-Francia), Auvo Niiniketo (Finlandia), Istvan Kelemen (Ungheria), Rigan Machado (Brasile), Paul Hoglund (Svezia) durante il 40° Congresso della Wjjf/Wjjko 1976 e l’Open d’Italia, al Centro Olimpico - “PalaPellicone” di Ostia Roma
Se prendiamo la frase latina “Rem tene, verba sequentur” di Marco Porcio Catone (234 a.C. circa – 149 a.C.), le parole devono essere seguite dai fatti, si ha un’idea di ciň che č stato il ju jitsu, con la valente professionale collaborazione con la Fijlkam, presieduta dal Dott. Domenico Falcone, tramite il presidente del c.t. jujitsu M° Giancarlo Bagnulo.
Il successo non deve appannare le nostre valutazioni sul percorso che il ju jitsu nazionale e internazionale deve compiere per diventare piů incisivo.
Parliamo dei numeri: sugli 11 tatami oltre 600 partecipanti delle due organizzazioni Fijlkam e Wjjf/Wjjko; 600 persone Attenzione, solo adulti non i bambini. Oltre 350 atleti nelle rispettive competizioni; 50 docenti di 28 nazioni presenti, piů l’Italia: Australia, Bulgaria, Brasile, Cuba, Finlandia, Francia, Germania, Giappone, Gran Bretagna, Grecia, Guatemala, Irlanda, Israele, Kuwait, Olanda, Polonia, Repubblica Ceka, Romania, Russia, Spagna, Svezia, Svizzera,. Turchia, Ungheria, Usa
Madrina di questa iniziativa, che ha commosso per il risvolto sociale rivolto a Sammy Basso (HGPS) colpito dalla sindrome di Hutchinson-Gilford o “progeria” la Sig.ra, Dott. Marina Di Bussolo Pellicone, presidente della “Fondazione Matteo Pellicone”
Cosa aggiungere? Lo spirito del budo deve essere quello di stare assieme nella differenza. Si cresce non con le chiacchiere, le megalomanie e l’egocentrismo.
Si cresce mettendo le proprie esperienze a disposizione di tutti, come Roma ha dimostrato.
Gsb, presidente, fondatore con Soke Robert Clark (1946 – 2012) della Wjjf prima; Wjjko poi ed ora “Wjjf/Wjjko 1976” dal 1 gennaio 2017, presidente onorario, ha cooptato i futuri vertici federali:
- 3 chairman: Amir Barnea (Israele), Stefano Draghi (Italia), David Toney (Irlanda)
- 5 vice chairman: Bruce Bethers (Usa) Nord America; Josef Oberhollenzer (Germania) Europa; Peter Pace (Australia) Australasia; Hesham Saleh Aljaser (Kuwait) Asian and Arab Country; Kozo Kuniba (Giappone) Far East Oriente.
Le commissioni tecniche seguiranno a parte.
Possiamo aggiungere un particolare plauso per il lavoro svolto, per la parte agonistica di Shihan Cesare Livio Proia, che sarŕ uno dei nostri membri permanenti nella commissione sport/gare.
Al team organizzativo Bertoletti guidato da Natascia presidente Wjjf/Italy e Segretario generale - Tatiana, Katia - e dal Vice presidente Wjjf/Italy Stefano Draghi: Giorgia Milano, Marisa Riccio, Andrea Bove, Mirko Di Cristofaro, Daniele Scala, Giuliano Garbuio, Augusto Falconi, a cui va il plauso di tutti.
Infine: list not last: un particolare ringraziamento a Shihan Giancarlo Koliotassis (Ko ryu Kaizen) per la sensibilitŕ di un “tocco di nettare di Bacco”.
E lo sponsor di sempre l’Oriente Sport di Enos Casarini & C.










  Goodbye to our friend

Robert Clark has passed away (1946-2012) one of the highest expert in ju jitsu patron of Wjjf /Wjjko. The funeral will be  held in Liverpool on a strictly private as the Clark’s wish.

Robert Clark

He is 9th dan of Ju Jitsu. Charismatic and technical chief of the WJJF. He was born in Liverpool on 2nd February 1946 and he started martial training when he was 6 years old. His master was Jack Britton.

We owe him the real development of ju jitsu all around the world and the promotion of ancient schools through modern methods.

In 1976 he founded the WJJF (World Ju Jitsu Federation) that then became WJJKO (World Ju Jitsu Kobudo Organization) with Gsb.

He was the International Technical Director of WJJKO, organization created for gathering together all ju jitsu styles.





World Ju Jitsu Kobudo Organization


Ju Jitsu – “The Art of Compliance”


Ju Jitsu is a Japanese expression that means “art of Compliance“

This unusual word is born from the fact that inside the classical techniques of ju jitsu instead of rejecting the opponent, contrasting your own strength against his, you conform yourself to him  attracting him towards you. That means that for winning him you don’t have to rely on a superior power. Inside ju jitsu throws and kicks are used to divert the opponent, pushes are necessary to make him lose his balance, blocks to mobilize him, and grips to keep him under control taking advantage of the system of the levers to the joints. Ju jitsu teaches the counter-movements to the various attack techniques, so that it offers efficacious ways to parry punches and kicks, and avoids to be thrown and escape from the grips of the opponent.

Ju jitsu origins go back to the mists of time and, although there are no traces well-defined of its evolution, we can basically find applications of it in all the Japanese martial arts.

Ju jitsu is connected only to the Japanese martial arts. We know, for instance, that some ju jitsu techniques come from China: like history teaches, the boxer Chin Gempin of the Shaolin of South taught the Kung Fu techniques to the Japanese warriors. Some of the attack techniques trained were what then was called KEMPO  and still nowadays, this word is always connected to the ju jitsu practice.

Though it has so ancient origins, ju jitsu keeps on living and developing during our times, it has adapted itself to the new exigencies facing tests always new with the times and society changing.

Ju jitsu taught within the WJJKO finds foundation in the whole martial world: from the use of classical weapons to the modern and efficacious systems of self defence. So, if your interested in an ancient art or rather in something that is suitable at the present days, ju jitsu can meet your exigencies.

Any other martial art offers such a large range of techniques and applications.

Anyway, the way towards perfection inside ju jitsu is long, difficult and it needs a remarkable effort, both of the body and of the mind, from the student. Through the training it is possible to reach a good physical preparation, but the mental one is more difficult to develop.  



 Wjjko represents the top of 30 years of experience inside the ju jitsu and martial arts in general.

Three decades of study, development and improving in learning ju jitsu techniques and in teaching methods.

WJJKO/WJJF has been established in 1976 at Liverpool and his President is Mr. Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti (Italy), while the International Technical Director is Mr. Robert Clark (England).

Nowadays we have more than 20 countries associated all over the 5 continents. WJJKO/WJJF is completely devoted to the ju jitsu art, to its technical development and to teach to everybody wants to learn it.

If you want to improve your martial abilities, or if you are looking for a good and efficacious self-defence system, or if you want to increase your awareness and self confidence the WJJKO can meet your requirements

In the didactical field, there is a list of books and videos for beginners and advanced , with the basis programs for the kyu and dan grading.

WJJKO/WJJF organizes training stages with men of great importance in the ju jitsu field to give the possibility to everybody to go deep into the ju jitsu art. All information about the courses are usually sent to all the members.

Every year we organize an International Congress.

This year the  International Ju-Jitsu Congress will be in Israel on 19-23 May 2011

For further information and to become member of the association:

Head Quarters WJJKO/WJJF

Via Sismondi 22, 20133 Milano

Phone: +39.0297162878, fax +39.02.89879982, cell GSB +39.335220954